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General informations about Cookies

The confidence of the user is important for us, and therefore, we worry about your privacy. An important aspect about that is give you as much information as possible about to use your personal data, including how we storage in local your data or similar technology.
The online storage of the datas imply to store different kind of data locally in your device through your browser. The storaged datas could, for example, contain the user's configuration, informations about its navigation, which browser is using, which advertisement have been shown, the behaviour on other website collaborating with us. The local stored datas can be used to modify the content or the function of our services in order to make the visit easter and sensible.

A local storing method are the cookies. The cookies are little text files that storage in your device (PC, mobile, tablet) that permit to recognise your browser. The cookies contain informations about your browser and any activity made with it. They will guarantee the security and the correct working of our website, once you get out from our website they will be deleted (security cookies and session cookies) and collect informations about the products you're interested about and how you navigate through our website to make our online offers more attractive for the users (following cookies).

Complementary cookies information

We use the local storage of the datas for different purposes, such as: allow to offer our services; Show sensate content, personalized when you visit our website; Calculate and analyze the traffic in our website; Upgrade our services; and show specific advertisements. Following, we offer more details about this:

For our advertisement

We use the local storage of datas in relation with advertisement activities. This, permit us to know if and how many times the user have seen an advertisement, and how long ago has been seen.
We also use the local data storage to create segments and groups with the purpose of marketing to direct specific advertisements.

To analyze and upgrade our services

We use different calculating tools that permit us to provide statistics and analysis about our services. These tools permit us to recognize the browser during the time and check if the user have visited the website before and how frequently. These tools give us the possibility to get a general vision of how many unique users we have and how they use our services.
Moreover, we use the informations that we collected and analyzed to upgrade and give you a better service; for example, detecting which services generate more traffic or checking if a service is correctly working.

To adapt the service with your use

We require and we need to stock up your data in local with the aim to permit you to use our services, such as the information of the configurations, that explain us how the services have to be shown in your browser.
We also use the local stock up of your data to adapt our services to your use as better as we can.

Cookies management

You can unable the cookies or configure your browser to advise you when they send you a cookie. The configuration of your browser normally shows a list of all the cookies stocked up to give you a general view and, if you want, delete some of those. Normally, you can indicate that you accept to stock up the cookies from the visited websites or third party affiliated with those websites. You can also choose to receive an advise whenever you stock up a new cookie.

We explain you how to do this in the different browsers. The browser usually stocks up the cookies in a specific folder in the hard disk, so you can check its content up with a closer look.

Nevertheless, the cookies in the websites are changing usually, and not all the cookies are the same or same important. As consequence, if the use of the cookies changes, it will be notified with a message.

Moreover, there are some services that have been created especially to give to the user an updated list of cookies and other mechanism of monitoring. Keep in mind that if you unable the cookies, it is possible that you could not use all the services of our website.